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My work challenges and critiques tradition within society, art history, and its political and social manifestations.  Utilizing installation, video, and painting, I break away from conventional  approaches in art making; referencing misogyny, power dynamics, and current events. Repetition becomes a vital element, acting as the glue in a collection of works with seemingly unrelated mediums and materials and further supports the subversive nature of my content.   Disrupting societal expectations as a female in political and art communities, my work attempts to stimulate an atmosphere for thought and discussion. With focus on political documents that grant human rights and the groups of people who were designated to make these decisions and sign on behalf of exponentially larger groups of people as well as the common misunderstanding of these texts and the idea of consent as a whole.  Through digital replication and physical abstraction the content is removed from their original contexts and exist as objects and realities the viewer must confront.  Acknowledging and altering the relationship between people and these scenarios, as many don’t encounter these specific experiences. In turn, the relationship between the viewer and art is altered, challenging the traditional understanding and priorities of traditional art making processes. Additionally questioning the social transparency and accessibility of knowledge as a reflection of extreme political and social hierarchies.  The materiality of the written product and language remains tactile but the ability to identify the imagery without knowledge of the content is gone.  Highlighting the importance of awareness in a time where political figures in power are taking advantage of those without the knowledge or ability to stand up for themselves.